Sunsetic® Cosmos Projector

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Want to add a cool touch to your room? The Cosmos Projector by Sunsetic® Projects Over 60,000 Stars with over 12 Constellations, creating a beautiful universe atmosphere across your walls and ceiling

Transform your home’s ceiling into a starry-filled sky using this home planetarium star projector. It boasts ultra-bright 3-watt LED technology that allows it to project a myriad of 60,000 stars onto your ceiling and walls.

With this awesome light, you can experience the stars in the comfort of your own home.

Starry Sky Night Light Projector – Stylish New Deals

Adjust the compass-point alignments to align the constellations with your latitude, and date! This way you can project the constellations accurately according to the season and your location no matter where you are in the world.

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - The light can be adjusted to fit different constellation patterns and is dimmable for nightlight use

  • THREE OPTIONAL FILMS - Includes 3 different themes: Magical Universe, Starry Comet, and Summers Edge. 
  • 6 LIGHTING EFFECTS – White, Blue, Yellow, Sequential, Combination, Slow fade. You can set up the color mode via pressing the button A. Press once to switch on the night light projector. Press 2-6 times to change the light effects. Press 7 times to switch it off.
  • CONVENIENT- Portable & Chargeable: Three AA Batteries or USB connection.

*Assembly Required