Sunsetic® Rainbow Shell

$39.95 $69.98
Color: Aqua

Add Your Personal Rainbow to Any Room!

Did you know the color palette of the rainbow increase happiness? The Rainbow Shell by Sunsetic® Projects the full 7 color spectrum of the rainbow, creating a beautiful atmosphere of positive colors across the walls and ceiling

Rechargeable Shell-Shaped Rainbow Projector – Tenflyer


Add a unique touch to your photos with a palette of colors that could only be found in the sky. A favorite for photographers, influencers, and content creators alike

  Rechargeable Shell-Shaped Rainbow Projector – Tenflyer


Plug Type:  USB Connection

Battery:  12 Hour Use Time, Rechargeable 

Adjustment:  180° Arch Projection

Includes:  1x Sunsetic® Shell Projector & 1x USB Cord